Title: Stars Dance In The Mix
Artist: Selena Gomez
Played: 469 times

I’m human, I’m not perfect. I make mistakes all the time, but I guess my job is to keep those mistakes to myself, which I’m already fine doing and just try to be the best I can be for those kids.

Justin hasn’t lost respect for his fans because he’s blinded by his love for Selena. He’s FED UP with the lack of respect, harassment, rumours, and hate towards him and his girlfriend over the last 2 years. Ever since they started dating, his fans have been the ones constantly spreading rumours, judging Justin, and hating on Selena which hurts him just as much as it hurts her but they don’t seem to care because they’re blinded by jealousy. They can’t deal with him being in a relationship or loving someone more than he loves his fans. But news flash, he’ll never love you that way. And has much as that sucks, its true. You are just a fan and even though that seems like so little, you mean so much to him so don’t give up on him because he’s finally standing up for himself. Selena hurt him, but that doesn’t mean you know what he’s going through, or what she did, or anything that goes on in their relationship or in his life. He hurt her too and thats just how relationships are. You get hurt, mistakes are made, but if you love each other enough to work it out, then do it. So why does it make it any different when it comes to Jelena? Their relationship is messy but you don’t know the half of it. You don’t know Selena, you don’t know what or who is good for him because you don’t know him. You know the Justin thats on stage, the one that puts on a front for interviews, not the real Justin who acts completely different when he’s with his family, friends and girlfriend. So what gives you the right to tell him who he can or can’t date, or what he should and shouldn’t do with his life? You’re his fans, not his mom. You’re there to support him, stand by his side, buy his music and go to his concerts not get into his personal business. It’s truly unfair of Beliebers to be putting his much hate and drama into something that is irrelevant to them. Justin loves Selena. Selena loves Justin. They’re happy and they’re trying to make it work and honestly, thats all that should matter because your idol is happy, so be happy for him. He’s going to make bad choices, but those are his to make and learn from; not yours. So hating, harassing, and spreading rumours and sending death threats to Selena just because you’re jealous isn’t being a good fan, or a good human being. She has done nothing wrong; even if she hurt him, thats not your battle to fight. They’ve worked through it and moved on and relationships aren’t going to be perfect, people will get hurt and they both did so why only blame Selena? She’s good for him, she makes him happy and when they weren’t together you begged for them to date again because you know that she’s a good person, and that she’s done nothing wrong and that they’re good together. But maybe one day they’ll think that it was a mistake getting back together but thats for them to decide in the future, right now they’re together and hating on both of them isn’t going to make them decide any sooner. Justin is still Kidrauhl, he still cares so much about his fans and he always will, he’s just growing up and changing and living life so don’t make it any harder for him because you don’t like the fact that he’s dating someone other than you. 

Sidenote: its completely unfair to also hate on Selena when she’s done nothing wrong. For 2 years she put up with death threats, rumours and hate for being with Justin but she said nothing, and did nothing. She still respects beliebers when she has no reason to, and she still has nothing but nice things to say. You might dislike her, you might think that Justin deserves better or that she’s only using him for fame but you don’t know her, all you know is that you wish you were her. And because of that, your jealousy blinds you and you’re hating on a really sweet girl who loves Justin and even though as hurt him, she takes care of him, is there for him and loves him regardless of what you think. Because at the end of the day, you don’t know her, only rumours or false accusations and it doesn’t fucking matter what you think because your opinion is irrelevant because Justin loves her and he wouldn’t love her if she was a whore who only wanted his fame and money - and if she did, you would think after 3 years of fighting and pain and rumours and hate that she would finally give it up so clearly its love and so suck it up ;)