Jelena Rant

Truthfully, I believe that Selena got dragged into this whole fame thing the wrong way and really didn’t know what she was getting herself into. She’s a single child, who was raised by a single teenage mom in a small town in Texas. She didn’t grow up rich, she didn’t have a lot but her mom raised her right and I know who Selena is, I know that she’s a good hearted, humble, giving, caring, loyal, down to earth, funny, honest, sensitive, strong, grounded girl who honestly is just looking out for herself, and the people she loves. 

People are constantly saying that she is using Justin for fame, just like she “used” Nick Jonas but here is what I know/think: 

When Selena first started to act, she was 7 years old on Barney. All she knew then was that she wanted to act and sing. When she first became famous, she was 13 years old. All she knew then was that she was starting to live out her dreams. I don’t think from between the ages 7-13 that it ever occurred to her that she would become famous, or what being famous even meant. To her, all that mattered then was acting and singing and living out her dreams and its still all that matters to her now. Not fame and money. 

Selena met Jonas and Miley all through Disney and instantly fell for Nick just like all of us did at some point. He was her first boyfriend, her first “love” (or was it just a crush?) Nick was cute, quiet, sensitive, charming and a singer… Who wouldn’t go head over heals for him? Selena got caught when she started to crush on/date Nick because he had just gotten dumped by Miley and if you read Miles To Go she explains it all in there, but anyway Nick clearly still really liked Miley so he was hurt and mad…and there was Selena. She clearly liked him and he used that against her. Why else do you think he would use the new hot Disney girl in his music video? To make Miley jealous. The only proof that Nick and Selena dated was a couple of pictures, the Burning Up music video, and Selena’s entire first album Kiss & Tell which was written all about him, and her broken heart. Because Nick made her take difference exits when they were together, take separate cars so they wouldn’t be seen together and they denied being together the entire time until they broke up. If she had used him for fame, she wouldn’t have put up with that. She would have made their relationship public, but instead she changed for him, and did everything she could to please him (if you listen to I Wont Apologize on her Kiss & Tell album, she wrote it all about her relationship with Nick) If Selena used him, she wouldn’t have been so devastated when they broke up. She wouldn’t have written sad songs about him, or still be hurt over what he did. Selena put up so much to be with him - just like she’s doing with Justin. 

Now on to Justin.. They started publicly dating in 2011 but have hinted that they were together a while before. Not once did she mention him. Not once (except for on his birthday) did she post a picture of them together or brag about being with him. Except Justin did. She was asked about him in interviews, she she ignored the questions and denied dating him until it was too obvious. Beliebers have been saying from the start that she’s been using him for fame, yet let me remind you she was famous before he was. She had a hit tv show, an album and an Emmy before he was even on Youtube. Yes he gave her publicity but not her entire career. She has put up with so much to be with Justin. Years of hate, death threats, and bad publicity all to be with him because she’s in love with him. * Just because he’s more famous than her doesn’t mean that dating him gives her more fans, or more fame. Incase you haven’t noticed, ALL OF HIS FANS HATE HER. So where would the new fans come from? Selena already has 50+ million Selenators of her own. Being with him, especially more now is actually bad for her career considering he’s been in jail, and there’s so much drama and hatred towards him from everyone. But do you think she cares? No. Because she truly loves him. She has supported him since the beginning of his career, and has stood by his side since the beginning of their relationship. They might not always be seen together, there are tons of rumours about their relationship and it might seem messy but we don’t know the half of it. We only know the candids we see of them together, we only see Selena boarding planes to go meet him half way across the world. We don’t see how they are together, or what they’ve been through because its none of our business. 

Not once did Nick or Justin promote her. Selena hardly even promotes herself. Not once did Selena use their fame to benefit herself. Dating them doesn’t make her more famous. Because she hardly has 4 albums, a clothing line, a lead role in 13+ movies and millions of fans. She didn’t get all of those things because she’s “Justin Bieber’s girlfriend” nobody except Beliebers care that they’re dating. Because thats not how Hollywood works. Selena is where she is, and will continue to be, single or not because she is talented, works so hard, has an amazing personality and millions of fans. She has gotten this far on her own. Dating Justin doesn’t make people want to buy her music, people buy her music because they like her sound not because they’re expecting to hear Justin on her tracks. People watch her movies, and support her because they like her and find her talented and thats exactly why casting directors and her record label hire her. When Selena auditions for a movie, the casting director looks for if she fits the part and if she’s talented enough to carry the role. They don’t care how famous she is, or who she’s dating or what she ate for breakfast. Whats on their minds is to cast the perfect girl to make an awesome movie. When Rock Mafia decides to work with her they think about what kind of new sounds/music they want her to try and they write with her to make an awesome hit. Whats on their mind is to make awesome music that Selena and her fans will love. Neither one of those people care about her relationship with Justin Bieber because to everyone other than Selena and Justin it is and should be irrelevant. So Beliebers can continue to say that Selena uses him, but it wont change the truth and it wont change the fact that they’re in love. It doesn’t matter if you like Selena or not, just know that she is a good person, who is talented and doesn’t need Justin to help her. 

So to end the longest post in tumblr history, I have one thing left to say: Selena is still Selena Gomez. She is not who she dates. She is still known for her movies, her music, her clothing line, her style, and her personality. Who she dates does not define her. 

I can’t even begin to deal with Beliebers and their insanity, so I hardly ever say anything when they hate on Selena.. mostly because I can’t defend her 24/7 and I shouldn’t have to because she has never done anything wrong. BUT LET ME JUST SAY THIS: 

It annoys me to no end when they say that Selena uses Justin for fame. Because even if they’re just saying it out of jealousy or rage, its still completely absurd.

Selena had a hit tv show, a record deal with Hollywood Records, an album, and an Emmy because Justin’s first song was ever released. She got to where she is on her own, and even though she might now get publicity from him that in no way means that she is famous because of him. She works hard, she’s done everything on her own, and she deserves everything she has because she’s got this far from her own hard work, dedication and talent. 

Beliebers constantly hate on Selena for “using” Justin, yet its always Justin posting pictures of them, its always him talking about her and making it public. They shouldn’t have to hide their relationship, because after all they’re young and in love and are normal teenagers that deserve a normal love life but from the start its been clear that Selena has been hesitant to make their relationship public because she’s a private person and being seen with him has caused her so much hate and people are constantly up their asses about their lives, acting like its their business.. its completely uncalled for.

Do you really think that Selena would stay with Justin after 3 years of harassment from his fans, after all of his arrests, and drama if she was just using him for fame? No. If she was using him for fame she would have left him the minute he started to go down hill because being seen with him is bad publicity for her. But she loves him, and thats clear. She’s loved him since the beginning and they keep fighting to stay together because what they have is real and neither one of them wants to give that up because they make each other happy and are in love so why can’t you accept that? Don’t you realize that hating on Selena hurts Justin too, and saying things like “Selena is using Justin for fame” insults his character, and judgement. Do you realize that YOU DON’T KNOW JUSTIN. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR HIM. YOU DON’T GET TO DECIDE HOW HE LIVES HIS LIFE SO BE HAPPY THAT HE’S HAPPY AND LEAVE HIM THE FUCK ALONE. 

People that know Selena, know that she’s a loving, caring, sweet, talented, nice, down to earth, humble girl who has good intensions and doesn’t deserve anything that she’s being put through for falling in love. 

So take a step back and realize what you’re saying. You don’t have to like Selena or support their relationship but be happy that Justin has found someone that he can trust, and talk to and that he loves and is happy with. Keep your opinions to yourself because you sound like a complete dumbass talking about things you know nothing about.